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Aida Sahraoui

Aida Sahraoui

The founder of WONE {Digital Performance Marketing Agency) and WONE Academy (Digital Marketing Academy), with her proficient team, has been growing some of the biggest names in the region, (prior to Amazon’s acquisition),, Landmark Group, Sacoor Brothers, Intercontinental Hotel, Eton Institute to name a few, she has also been a key instructor at AstroLabs covering Digital performance data-driven classes.


Leveraging this extensive digital experience and knowledge of the GCC market, Aida provides digital courses to Small, Medium to Large businesses looking for efficiency. The purpose she says is to: “elevate the digital performance knowledge in the Middle-east and give the opportunity to every business, small or large, to grow efficiency. It is very important to prevent any money wastage whether the digital campaigns are operated internally or externally, with the help of a digital agency”.

Learn more about our Corporate Training & Audits Digital Marketing 2021 Tips and Corporate Training & Audits Digital Marketing sessions!

Flexible Classes

Corporate Training & Audits Digital Marketing 2021 Tips and Digital Marketing training sessions can be conducted Online via BlueJeans, physically at WONE premises in JLT or at the Company office if the company would like to host the training sessions.

Understand the value of Digital learning and Digital Performance Marketing by providing adaptive tools to your team. Make great use of our extensive knowledge of the field and the market in order to teach your team members the best methodologies, we guarantee that you will never get closer to achieving your KPIs.

We will work with you on customized training based on your requirements and targets, whether you are an e-commerce business, a lead-generation-based company in banking, education, or healthcare, or an established brand in hospitality, FMCG, or any other services, you will find your match.

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Corporate Training & Audits Digital Marketing 2021 Tips sessions from WONE aim to motivate and reassure your team members, they will feel more in control while managing your media spend as they will know accurately which optimizations to operate and when. Knowing what to optimize will organically lead to performance improvement and efficiency.

Your Digital Learning Starts here!

Digital Marketing Auditing

If you are looking to assess the digital agency you are currently working with, WONE provides an established agnostic methodology based on a data-driven auditing system,

we will help you operate a full assessment on the execution of your digital campaigns across Search Engines and Social Media, KPIs, tracking and reporting as well as digital strategies. This will allow you to accurately identify key improvement areas.

By the end of the audit, you will get the answers to these questions:


  • How skilled is my digital agency? 
  • What should I expect from my agency? 
  • Can I trust my agency?
  • How can my agency do better on its own? 
  • How can I support my agency to do better? 

Don’t Miss out on our Corporate Training & Audits Digital Marketing 2021 Tips

Corporate Training & Audits Digital Marketing 2021 Tips

By the end of the training,

Your team will be able
to answer the questions:

Digital strategy: How to produce a rational digital marketing strategy by choosing the appropriate media mix based on your KPIs? How to allocate the right amount to each channel?

Campaign execution: Across Google Search Text Ads, Google Search Shopping Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Display & Youtube Ads, Twitter Ads, Tiktok Ads, Snapchat Ads, and more.

Tracking & Measurement: How do we accurately track web and App events? How do we place a pixel on a website and cross-check data for accuracy? Learn about attribution.

Reporting & Dashboarding: How to set up a Google Datastudio real-time Dashboard with all metrics and dimensions? What other tools to consider? How to report on Excel and Google Sheets?

Optimization Actions: How do we optimize digital campaigns for optimal results across all platforms? How to assess ongoing optimizations to reach healthy CPAs & ROIs?

If you find yourself in one of the scenarios below, then WONE is the solution you need:

I’m a business owner looking to learn everything about Digital marketing in order to grow my online or store-business. 

I’m a mid to large business looking to build or strengthen the digital marketing skills of an existing Digital team and ensure efficiency. 

I’m a business currently working with an agency, I would like to know how efficient their methodology and work processes are.

I’m a mid to large business looking to build a fully-fledged digital team in-house, ready to operate after training completion.

Program learning outcomes and content

What will I learn?

After the training completion, you will have a great understanding of what Digital Marketing is, how to build a Digital Strategy that seamlessly falls under your global Strategy and KPIs. You will know what media plans are and how do they serve a digital purpose? You will also maser the execution, optimization, and analytics behind digital campaigns and understand the tools that help you analyze the customer journey, the conversion funnel, the competition, and other very important customer-centric and market-focued analyses.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing

This module is an introduction to Digital Marketing, it gives you clear guidelines on what Digital Marketing is and how do the several Digital Marketing activations come together to help you achieve your goals. 

Meaning of Digital Marketing

KPIs & Goals

Digital Ecosystem



Customer journey

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

Module Info & Overview

How do we build a detailed digital strategy and how do we define initial KPIs? This module answers these key questions which should be answered at the critical planning stage. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Strategy Planning

Media planning

Setting Strategy Objectives and KPIs

Digital Strategy based on Guidelines

Understanding Digital dependencies

Paid Search Ads

Paid Search Ads (PPC)

Module Info & Overview

Did you know that Ad Rank is the most prominent factor in Paid Ads? This module teaches you how to operate, optimize and analyze Google Ads to make sure that all the elements during the ranking auction are optimized.

The meaning of SEA

SEA Auction

Optimizing Google Search Ads

Dos and Don'ts

Automation in SEA

SEA & SEO synergies

Display and Video Advertising

Display and Video Advertising

Module Info & Overview

What are Display Ads and how should use them? What are the most performing Display formats and what are the best practices when it comes to running digital banners or Video advertising? 

Fundamentals of Display and Video Advertising

Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel

Targeting Display and Video Campaigns

Google Display Network and Video Ad Formats

Creating Display and Video Campaigns

Optimizing Display and Video Campaigns

Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads

Module Info & Overview

Push Marketing is key when it comes to building a brand or driving users towards the consideration stage. Learn how to launch effective and professional social media Ads, how to create custom conversions, and how to properly AB test and optimize your Ads.

Social Media Ad Managers

Building a brand, boosting your awareness

Interest, Lookalikes and Remarketing

Automation in Social Media Ads

Content and Artwork for Social Media Ads

Optimizing Granular Social Media campaigns

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Module Info & Overview

Founded on 3 pillars, Content, Structure, and Authority with a touch of great social media presence, Search Engine Optimisation is a must-learn when it comes to traffic acquisition. This module explains the importance of SEO and the kind of optimizations you can start with from basic to advanced.

SEO Fundamentals

Measuring SEO Performance

Optimise Organic Search Ranking

Keywords and SEO Content Plan

Aligning SEO and Business Objectives

Analytics with Google Analytics

Analytics with Google Analytics

Module Info & Overview

Google Analytics is a Web and/or App Analytical tool, free of charge for most advertisers. Learn how to set up your GA account, how to create goals, exclude referrals, Know how to read the data, and leverage the available insights. 

Web Analytics Fundamentals

Monitoring Campaigns with Google Analytics Reports

Analysing and Recording Google Analytics Data

Creating and Configuring a Google Analytics Account

Setting Goals with Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Auditing

Digital Marketing Audits

Module Info & Overview

If you are looking to assess a digital strategy or the execution of digital campaigns, please get in touch, we will discretely work on a neutral, and highly insightful audit report that you can use as a frame to improve the work.  

Website Audits

Content Audits

Graphic Design & Brand Audits


Measurement & reporting Audits

Landing Page Audits

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Module Info & Overview

Did you know that an email or phone number is the most important information you can collect from your customer after a transaction? Discover the backstage of well-targeted emailing campaigns. Learn how to strategize and operate eye-catchy, user-friendly, and highly effective emailing campaigns. Know how to collect, segment but also treat your data to maximize its outcomes.

Email Marketing Fundamentals

Collection the Data

Segmenting the Data

Email Look & Feel

Tools and Tech

Marketing Automation

Measurement & Reporting

Measurement & Reporting

Module Info & Overview

Why is it so important to measure and track your Digital Ads? How do we implement pixels on a website, what is Google Tag Manager and how does it work? How do we build meaningful digital reports and real-time dashboards? What about attribution? Find all the answers you need in this module.

Fundamentals of Measurement

Setting up Pixels

Setting up SDKs

Google Tag Manager

Real-life Business Dashboards

Attribution Models & Windows

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